Spin With Eri Silk Fiber

A Fiber You Will Naturally Love

Welcome to our home, the eco-system that makes Eri silk. This luxury fiber is native to our people and land of Meghalaya, India. In fact, everything from the perennial plants that feed the silkworms, to the rearing, processing of cocoons, and production of our hand spun yarns happens in the Khasi villages of this pristine north-eastern Indian state.

You’ll feel good about spinning with Eri silk fiber because it’s organic and sustainable. The hertiage cottage industry around Eri silk cocoons is what makes this slow-made silk so valuable. The texture is soft like angora when compared to Bombyx Mori (Mulberry) silk. Eri silk is extremely flexible in nature. It can be spun evenly or unevenly in coarse or very fine counts which results in the elegance of silk, the comfort of cotton, and warmth of wool.

If you’re looking to move away from synthetic fibers or have wool allergies, then you’ll want to know that Eri silk is tender on the skin and hypoallergenic. It spins into a strong, dense and durable yarn. We have seen this with our own eyes. Like the shawl of Kong Rupali’s great grandmother. The colors in the spun yarn remained so vivid because Eri fiber absorbs natural dyes better than any plant-based fiber. The natural way of processing cocoons in the village is simple. The women de-gum the cocoons in soapy boiling water. The result is a treasured soft, natural white, fluffy fiber that you will love spinning – and feel good about wearing.

Working closely with our weavers | Muezart

A Fiber That Preserves Tradition

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Muezart’s Distinctive Difference

Giving Eri silk eggs to our weavers | Muezart

Introducing Spinner's Fiber Sampler

Our Spinner’s Fiber Sampler has just the right amount of each fiber for you to try.
The sample pack includes 50 grams of each fiber.
Select the fiber that best fits your next project.

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4 Eri Silk Fibers: Feel the difference. Spin the texture.

How to spin eri silk fiber | Muezart
Eri silk cocoon cakes for spinning, carding, felting | Muezart

Eri Silk Cocoon Cakes

This is Muezart’s flagship fiber because it directly connects to our mission of Regenerating an age-old silk and the people who make it. By creating new markets for Eri silk fiber we are reviving the traditions found in our villages of Meghalaya. There’s so much that has disappeared and a lot that will soon. But we’re changing that by connecting conscious makers like you directly to our slow-made, hand-made products. We’re enthusiastic and feeling good doing good.

We’re inspiring new purpose and releasing the potential of the women who farmed the plants that fed the silkworms, that created the beautiful white Eri silk cocoon cake. Each cocoon is processed by hand. That means de-gummed, washed, pounded flat, and dried. All ingredients and the entire process happens right outside her village home.

We believe our cocoon cakes have the world’s smallest carbon footprint for a fiber. Does this feel good to you? But wait till you experience spinning from it! That’s when you’ll begin to feel the luxury of this fiber. Eri silk is hypoallergenic and 100% natural. Once the cocoon is fluffed for spinning it will feel as soft as angora. No matter what you knit or weave, the finished product will give the warmth of wool and the coolness of cotton. Experience spinning like the locals of Meghalaya. Spin from Eri silk cocoon cakes and Let’s flourish together.

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How to Spin from a Cocoon Cake?

Take an individual cocoon cake pull it apart, fluff it, stretch it, then spin. It’s that easy. Beginners will find this technique easy. The cocoon cakes can be used for art felting and other crafting and fiber arts.

How to spin eri silk fiber | Muezart
How to spin eri silk fiber | Muezart
How to spin eri silk fiber | Muezart
How to spin eri silk fiber | Muezart

Short Fibers

Eri Silk Roving

Our Eri Silk Roving is a short staple fiber of the cocoon. This fiber is made with the shorter fibers separated during the making the Eri Silk Top. Some customers ask if our Eri silk roving is similar to noil. It is not the same thing. Noil is completely made of silk waste which will not spin a strong yarn.

Eri Silk Roving is made from the second quality cocoon and will have mix of long and short fibers and will spin a strong yarn. We have discovered Eri Silk Roving is best for making uneven yarn. The short staple gives the fiber a slubby finish, creating a natural rustic yarn. The Eri Silk Roving is less expensive than the longer fiber to make Eri Silk Top. 

Use: Hand spinners can create and customize different yarn textures by blending Roving and Top. Knitters like to blend silk with wool because it adds a nice drape to their final piece. Eri Silk Roving can also be used to felt to make apparel such as hats, shoes, and scarfs. The short staple is used as an ingredient in handmade paper and soap making. 

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Eri Muga Roving

We specialize in Eri silk, but wanted our customers to experience spinning with Muga, a little-known silk. If you have ever seen pure Muga silk thread you will know it is created from a single filament reeled from the Muga cocoon. Muga silk is the most expensive silk in India. Its natural golden color is exquisite.  


When spinning with this roving you will get a hint of elegance with this beautiful blend of 70% Eri silk short staple fiber and 30% of Muga silk cocoon waste. The roving has been naturally processed at the mill. The result, when spun, creates a subtle golden color yarn having a slight sheen. The texture of the yarn will be slubby because of the short fibers. 


Use: This roving is best used for spinning a medium yarn, not for fine yarn spinning. The fiber can be spun into a durable yarn ideal for both a warp and weft. Spinners feel free to blend with other fibers. Fiber artists will find a variety of uses especially since the fiber already produces a natural color.

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Long Fibers

Erino Top

Our Good wool hunting story doesn’t end with just creating the Erino 15/5 yarn. New to the store is our Erino silk top!
This sumptuous fiber is a blend made from 70% merino and 30% silk. The softness of merino and the luster of the silk makes this a truly luxurious blend.


The elasticity of wool and the strength of Eri silk makes this fiber a perfect blend. Our Erino silk top dyes beautifully too since it’s a blend of both protein fibers.


Use: Spin and create a fine, lace and lightweight for knitting or weaving or you can opt to hand carded the fibers and create beautiful dyed rolags,paper making, blending with other fibers and felting. Erino Top is a blend of Merino wool with Eri silk top. The long staple make it an ideal fiber for a beginner spinner. If you are looking for a finished woven fabric, or highly polished knitwear, then this is your choice.

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Eri Silk Top

The best quality cocoons are used for making Eri Silk Top. The silk top are made from raw cocoon sheets. When the fibers are carded and combed, we get both the short and long fibers. The long fibers end up parallel to each other and are separated to make the silk top. This long staple fiber is like a silky soft horsetail that feels like angora.  

Since the Silk top come from the finest and best (A grade) Eri cocoons they are ideal for spinning the highest quality fine luxury yarn. The superior long fiber of the A grade cocoons make this yarn extremely strong.  

Use: An excellent choice for spinning the thinnest yarns for the warp. Fine crochet and embroidery threads can also be spun from this high value fine fiber. The long staple make it an ideal fiber for a beginner spinner. If you are looking for a finished woven fabric, or highly polished knitwear, then this is your choice. Blend expensive Eri Silk Top with a cheaper wool or synthetic fiber to boost a yarns performance and feel.

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eri silk mark | Muezart

Real Silk - The Mark of Purity

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Customers Love Eri Silk Fibers

Beautiful and unique fibre!

"I love creating textured yarns from raw fiber so these cocoons are a real treat! Fast shipping and excellent customer service too!" - Vicki C.

The most beautiful silk

"After feeling how buttery soft my sample of Eri Silk Top felt, I couldn't wait to begin using it on my wheel. I had expected a crispness, like cotton, but it was more along the lines of an angora (I have rabbits, so I know the feel). This is the only silk I will use, and mueZart is my supplier from now on. Thank you, everyone." - Cathe S.

Unique product and easy to spin

"The cakes fluff out nicely for spinning and dye easily." - Christine S.

Our Packaging

As a company, one of our responsibilities is to find the right packaging that doesn’t hurt the environment. We believe in keeping things simple and natural. Next, we constantly reduce waste and use minimal materials. Working with natural products keeps us conscious, that’s why your fiber will come wrapped in bio-degradable envelope.


Read Cathe's Story: A conscious maker and customer

Cathe story: Spinning fiber | Muezart
Cathe story: Spinning fiber | Muezart

After receiving  Muezart’s fiber sample card...

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