Eri Silk

At Muezart We Do Everything On Purpose

We are regenerating the entire Eri silk ecosystem with our own people. We personally know every artisan and farmer we work with. Our connection with women, like Kong Tmung is one way we are #FlourishingTogether

Kong Tmung Spinning | Muezart

Handspun Yarn

Kong Tmung makes her shawls using a handspun Eri silk yarn in the weft of her weave. It takes five days to handspin the fine spun Eri silk yarn to make one shawl.

Natural dyeing our yarns | Muezart

Naturally Dyed

We only dye with plant based ingredients. Kong Tmung is a master dyer and her love for natural dye has led her to reinvest in planting indigenous plants in her own land.

Kong Tmung Weaving | Muezart

Hand Woven Shawls & Wraps

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Preserve Tradition

Your purchase regenerates a Meghalaya tradition of women weavers who raise cocoons, hand spin yarn, and naturally dye the world’s most sustainable silk.

Scarves & Shawls are Handwoven with Naturally Dyed Eri Silk Yarn

Eri silk is a luxury fiber that can be hand washed. It is strong and durable. Kong Tmung's collection is woven with a lace weight hand spun yarn used in the weft. A fine mill spun yarn in the warp. 

Three Popular Accessories from Her Collection