Natural Dyed Eri Silk Yarn For Crochet and Knitting

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An All Season Yarn For Your Weaving Projects

Most Weavers and Makers like you regularly buy yarns & fibers that have unknown origins which make your creations less valuable. With Muezart's yarn and fibers, you can trace back the origin and experience the uniqueness of Eri Silk that is naturally made and organically processed by our women partners in the villages of Meghalaya, India.

Natural Eri Silk Weaving Yarn 20/2 - 100g

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Why Should You Choose Eri Silk?

Muezart’s Eri silk is hand-crafted– right from spinning yarn, natural dyeing to weaving.


Muezart’s Eri silk is hand-crafted– right from processing, spinning the yarn to natural dyeing.

Eri Silk is a natural yarn that is super soft, keeps you warm in winter (without the ‘woolly itch’)and cool in summer.

All-Season Yarn

Eri Silk is a natural yarn that is super soft, keeps you warm in winter (without the ‘woolly itch’)
and cool in summer.

Last for a lifetime

Eri silk is strong and highly durable. So, imagine your creations being passed down for generations.

Latest Creations Made By Our Customers Using Our 20/2 Naturally Dyed Eri Silk Yarn

Eri Silk Weaving Shawl

Yarn used: 20/2 Weaving Yarn
Maker: Shilpa

Eri Silk Top

Eri Silk Top

Yarn used: 100% Natural 20/2 Eri Silk Yarn

Eri Silk Shawl

Our Collections of Naturally Dyed Eri Silk 20/2 Yarns

Annatto Yellow

Indigo Blue


Azalea Pink

Charcoal Grey

Annatto Orange

Cherry Malt

Monarch Orange

Sterling Grey

Some Customer Reviews

I placed an order for the 100% silk yarn and it is gorgeous! Can’t wait to make my summer top. It arrived 3 days earlier than expected to New York via FedEx in 1 week. It is a beautiful yarn for a great deal. And I love their story of providing jobs.

Heather M.

Very happy with all colors I purchased. Creating a project in my head now.

Beth D.

I can’t imagine that there is any more interesting silk yarn anywhere. The texture and feel of the silk is fascinating and the woven product using linen thread as the warp is wonderful.

Diane C

I just love the 20/2 yarn (this is not my first purchase. It’s bit of rustic adds so much personality to my weavings. It’s dyeability is amazing as well. It soaks up my natural dyes and shows them off beautifully.

Tedi J.