Eri Silk Fiber Giveaway

Eri silk fibers in a Spinners Fiber Sampler | Muezart 

Sorry the giveaway has ended. 
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Sampler Includes:

50g Eri Silk Hand Processed Cocoon Cakes  |  50g Eri Silk Top  |  50g Eri Silk Roving |  50g Eri / Muga Roving Blend
Value: $43 | 200g

We are building a community of spinners, weavers, knitters, crocheters, and artisans to keep alive the tradition of Meghalaya's heirloom fiber, Eri Silk. On the last Friday of each month, we do a Facebook & Instagram live show to randomly pick a winner from everyone who signed up during the month.

Our weekly newsletter are stories about Eri Silk, Natural Dyeing, Muezart Makers, and everything interesting from our work in Meghalaya.

We are excited to have you join the community!


The Muezart Maker Team

Muezart Team - An Eri Silk Company in North East India | Muezart


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