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natural eri silk yarnsI often ponder on whether we realize the level of co-dependency that we have between us and nature?

Our so-called Mother nature needs us as much as we need her. And the sooner we realize it, the better. Sustainability ought to be the name of the game, given the deplorable conditions that the world is going through.

Most of the communities worldwide tend to worship nature in some way or the other, and in this blog, I would like to highlight how the Khasi community of Meghalaya has always honored and looked up to nature in its utter raw forms!

Meghalaya is one of the most beautiful states of North-east India. And the gifts that this state has are endless.

Apart from being the epitome of ethereal scenic beauty, it is also the home of the world’s most sustainable silk fiber- Yes, you guessed it right! It is Eri silk, which is revered and loved by all in this beautiful North-eastern state.

Agriculture is the primary occupation of the people in Meghalaya, which includes sericulture. Sericulture is the production of raw silk by raising silk moths.
We probably cannot talk about Meghalaya without talking about how close the Khasis are to nature.

Environmental Sustainability from Umden Diwon

Umden Diwon- the home of Eri silk, has been declared the first and the only official silk village. Interesting, right?

This exotic village is located in the Ri-Bhoi district of Meghalaya of Northeast India. The National Institute of Fashion Technology and the state of Meghalaya are soon to set up a Design Resource Centre to provide a unique mark to this picturesque silk village. The official recognition of this village had come from the department of textiles, India, which has enabled it to develop into an ‘Atmanirbhar Village’ 

Sustainable Silk clothing

Eri silk lies in the heart and soul of Meghalaya and is the world’s most sustainable silk fiber. The Eri fiber gives rise to a very natural off-white color, and most of the shawls woven by the Khasi women of the state are primarily of this shade.

This silk fiber is used for knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning and so much more.

What makes Eri silk fibers so strong?

Eri silk is heirloom silk, which already makes sturdy silk by default. This silk is also high on crystals, which are molecules that constitute the fiber to strengthen it.
Eri silk fabrics are also known as ‘Ryndia’ in the Khasi language of Meghalaya. And Ryndia has ever been evolving as a luxurious fabric!

Communion with Nature

“‘U Khasi u im bad ka mariang, bad ka mariang ka im bad u’- is a Khasi saying which means that a Khasi lives with nature and nature lives with him.
The relation between the Khasi community and nature is robust indeed.

They have a belief that way back in time, man and animals lived in complete harmony.
For the Khasis, nature is a sanctuary where God resides & nourishes human beings. Hence, they treat Mother nature with the utmost respect and feel awe towards her.

Eri silk, also known as the peace silk, also reflects this ecologically sustainable choice, wherein one hand, the silk extracted from the cocoon is done in such a way as not harm the moth or kill it but done peacefully!

The worship and preservation of ferns, streams, hills, animals, trees are part and parcel of everyday lives, and present-day heritage sites reflect the lifestyle of Khasis.
The Khasis consider water, the hills, mountains, and all the gifts of nature as sacred, which reflects in the ethereally beautiful tourist attractions like- Lum Shillong, Lum Raitlang, Lum Sohpetbeng, Scared Groves, and so on!

It is believed that the British first discovered the Sacred Groves of the Khasis and, seeing the purity of environmental ethics, had encouraged to perpetuate it. The concept of Sacred Groves being auspicious is another burning example of attaching divinity to wilderness paths.

Likewise, the love for Eri silk and its 100% natural ways of production is a major part of this state’s love for nature.

Why choose Eri silk Yarns?

There is so much about Eri silk to make us want more and more of it. It is primarily because of the way Muezart produces it.

Here is a sneak peek at why you should choose Eri silk yarns again and again-

Ever heard of a no-itch silk? Well, Eri silk is!

It is because no toxic chemicals are commonly used during its production. The only chemical that comes in touch with it is alkaline soap used during the degumming process.

The fiber holds on to its natural properties, making it no-itch silk. Doesn’t it feel precious when you can hoard something that you treasure, to pass it onto your kids and the generations to come?

Eri silk is known to be heirloom silk and is also the strongest and the sturdiest!

Eri silk is high in crystals- crystals make up a fiber to increase the fiber strength.

Why is Eri Silk An all-season yarn?

Due to its unique properties, Eri silk can be worn at any time of the year, be it summer or winter. Its non-itchy and breathable characteristics make it a preferable choice.

Natural dyes

natural dyesNatural dyes are the kind of colors that are extracted naturally from various plant-based ingredients and minerals.

The world is moving faster than ever before, and we’ll feel the need to keep up with it. Change has always been the only constant in this world and with time, we must understand the vitality of environmental sustainability ways of production and living.

Meghalaya has a wide range of plants and minerals, thus raising the scope for natural dyeing with each passing day.

The Muezart team had spent a few days in the Ri-Bhoi district of Meghalaya and were trained in natural dyes, and every day they were intrigued and amazed by the number of shades that can be produced from plants and minerals!

What does Muezart do?

Muezart as a company, has immense faith in the potential of the state of Meghalaya, especially on its Eri silk, since Eri silk is the fabric that is worn with utmost pride and joy by the people of the state.

As a team, it is Muezart’s dream to put Eri silk onto the global pedestal where this unique silk is loved and revered by all. Here in Muezart, Eri silk yarns are dyed in a 100% natural way, where the colors are extracted from various plants and minerals. The unique properties which Eri silk has makes it hypoallergenic (non-itchy and breathable)

Such properties also make the fabrics warm during summers and cold in winters. Yes, it is an all-season yarn.

We regularly experiment with all our women artisans on the unique processes which we undertake. Most of our fabrics are 100% hand-spun and hand-woven, giving them an ethereal, rusty look and aggravating their value.

Environmental consciousness is to be adopted by each one of us. We need to make sure that we love nature to our utmost capabilities, just the way it loves us in such trying times.

We in Muezart are going a step further in establishing that we need not choose between sustainable living and development, but both can coexist. Such endeavors can go hand in hand in improving the lives of communities and humanity all together.

It is all about the small steps that we take every single day.

To check out what Muezart has to offer in terms of its products dyed 100% naturally, click on the link below to treat yourself with naturally dyed Eri silk products.

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