Are you a maker who wants to speed up your weaving or knitting process? Do you weave with 100% organic and sustainable yarn? We have the perfect naturally dyed yarn for you! 
      naturally dyed yarn

      We use plant mordants for fixing the natural dye color

      Each of the beautiful colored peace silk yarns in the selection below is slow-made, slow dyed, and earth-friendly. We take pride in using the traditional methods used by Meghalaya weavers for centuries. Slow made also means one of a kind. Expect natural variations in color. Weavers and makers love the experience of a surprise in their weaved fabric when using these handmade yarns.

      If there's a color you are looking for and don't see, connect with us. We want to know what natural color yarn you can't find. It would be fun to co-create with you. 

      Connect with the story and follow our plant-based natural dye journey. When you buy yarn from Muezart you are saying yes to regenerating a tradition of women weavers in Meghalaya. 

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