Muga Silk 60/2 - 1KG

Our 60/2 Golden Yellow Muga silk is a weaving yarn that has a fine count and is well known for its extreme durability. Muga silk is glossy and the golden color increases with age. While Muga silk has a natural golden luster and does not need any dyeing, it is still quite compatible with most dyes and absorbs dyes easily. 

What can you make with it? 

  • Muga silk shawls
  • Weaving both warp and weft
  • It can also be used for embroidery

What’s it like to work with? 

 Our golden yellow Muga silk is smooth and strong.

 It is fun to weave with and its natural golden matte finish will add a nice touch of elegance to all your yarn weaving projects.

      Muga Silk Yarn 60/2 | Natural Fiber Yarn Color | Yarn for weaving
      Muga Silk Yarn 60/2 | Natural Fiber Yarn Color | Yarn for weaving
      Muga silk yarn 60/2 | Natural color for weaving | Muezart
      Our studio in Meghalaya | Muezart

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Gabor K.
      Excellent quality, as described on

      Excellent quality, as described on website

      Karyn D.
      Soft and beautiful

      This is gorgeous yarn. The natural muga silk colour is tan with a lovely depth and sheen. The yarn is reasonably soft and light.

      Dear Karyn,

      Thank you for taking the time to give us a lovely review.

      I'm glad you found our Eri Silk lovely to work with and am happy to see that you had a 5-Star experience with our Eri Silk yarn.

      We look forward to seeing you again soon. :)



      Beth D.
      Mugs Silk 60/2

      I received 5 skeins of silk. I am very excited to use it as soon as I have a loom free. I love the feel of it and am pleased with it so far. I will add photos when I begin or when I have a completed piece.
      Thank you, this will create an exciting piece! Love the yarn so far!

      Thank you for the review, Beth.

      We are excited for your project. Let us know when you're done :)

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