Silk Fiber Sampler Pack

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Our Eri silk fiber sampler pack consists of 4 different types of silk fibers that you must try!  

All the Eri silk fibers are hand-processed, soft, 100% natural, eco-friendly silk fibers for spinning your very own luxury yarn. 
Spin a fine, lacy, and lightweight yarn for weaving and Fingering, DK, and worsted for Knitting.  
The Eri natural silk fiber can also be used for spinning, weaving, carding, dyeing, paper making, blending with other fibers, and felting. 
So, be the first to try out all our fibers in all their wonderful texture from our fiber sampler. 

This pack includes:

50g Natural Eri Silk Cocoon Cakes,

50g Eri Silk Roving

50g Eri Silk Top

50g Eri MUGA roving.

Silk Fiber Sampler Pack - Muezart
Natural Cocoon Cakes - Eri Silk Cocoon
Eri Muga Silk Fiber- Silk Fiber - Muezart
Eri Top Silk Fiber - Silk Fiber - Muezart
Eri Top Silk Fiber  Roving - Roving  Silk Fiber - Muezart

Customer Reviews

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Claire T.
So soft !

I love the fiber sampler Pack. I'll try to spin some and melt other with my merinos wool for felting tapestry and so much inspiring projects. Now I need to learn about botanical dying... can't wait !

Lina M.
beautiful fibre!

i am so happy to be able to work with these fibres, they are all incredibly beautiful and i'm excited to get to know them better through spinning :) i'm currently dyeing some cocoons with avocados and they are taking the colour beautifully - each one is like a little snack for a spinner!

Hi Lina,

Thank you for taking your time to give us a wonderful review.

I'm so glad you love the fiber.

I hope you'll come back for more. :)


Patricia E.
This is exciting!

I can’t wait to see what treasures can be created from this!

Hi Patricia,

Glad you loved the fiber sampler.
Feel free to drop an email with pictures of your finished projects. :)


Grace T.
It's beautiful!

All the fibers are beautifully packaged. Unwrapping each piece is like early xmas!

We are glad you like it :) Continue Shopping With us!

Deborah E.


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