Dyed Yarn and Undyed Yarn - Eri Silk Sample Card

Want the best silk yarns for all projects?

Get to feel how amazing our undyed knitting yarn feels like before you make your big purchase.

Hand Spun Yarn

If you are someone who loves the essence of handmade things, our natural undyed yarn is the perfect choice for you!

Eri silk yarn is lightweight, super soft and the natural color of the Eri silk makes it even better.

We have-

  • Lace yarn
  • Fingering yarn
  • Double Knitting yarn
  • Worsted yarn

Fine Mill Spun Eri Silk Yarn

Eri silk is a staple fiber and can be spun like wool, making it a versatile fiber for spinning into fine durable yarn, which in turn makes it a perfect hand knitting yarn.

Why is Eri silk strong?

  • Eri silk is incredibly strong because of its protein property.
  • Eri silk is the softest woolly silk with a unique kind of sheen and luster.
  • It has the look of cotton and the warmth of wool. Our fine mill spun is suitable for warp and weft.
Yarn | Dyed and Undyed | Eri Silk Sample Card - Muezart
Yarn | Dyed and Undyed | Eri Silk Sample Card - Muezart
Yarn | Dyed and Undyed | Eri Silk Sample Card - Muezart
Yarn | Dyed and Undyed | Eri Silk Sample Card - Muezart

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Neal H.
I am glad to have

I am glad to have a representation of your fiber products, especially your yarns.
I look forward to knitting a sweater for myself from the worsted weight silks.
I also look forward to generating a need to buy from you in wholesale quanities.

Dear Neal,

Thanks for taking the time to share your review.

Our mission is to make Eri Silk known to all makers, so thank you for choosing to work with Eri Silk, appreciating our efforts, and shopping with us.

I hope you'll come back for more. :blush:



Laurel S.
Lively natural products..the colours blend

Lively natural products..the colours blend so well .

Hi Laurel,

We are glad you liked the colors of the sample card. :)

Thank you so much!

Kimberly M.
Sample Card

Really glad to get the Eri Silk Sample Card for reference. The colors are truly beautiful and I look forward to weaving with these incredible yarns.

Thank you Kimberly :)
We are really glad the color card was able to help you as reference for the next yarns that you want to buy :)

Amanda M.

This card is so helpful in deciding which type of skeins to buy. The differences In thickness and plies can create So many options in projects.

Hello again Amanda,

The undyed sample card has been really useful and helpful to artisans out there. We are really glad you found it helpful :)

I hope our sample card have helped you made up your mind on which yarns you would like to work with next :)

We would love to see you shop from us again :)

Denise D.

Amazing fiber and this card makes it so easy to choose what you need

Thank you Denise. We are glad it was easy for you to sample the yarn. Eri silk being so unknown, we wanted makers like yourself to get a feel before committing to a larger purchase.

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